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Friendly, intelligent flash cards. Remembering things just became much easier.

Remember Anything

From images to scientific markup, Anki has got you covered.

Remember Anywhere

Review on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and any device with a web browser.

Remember Efficiently

Only practice the material that you’re about to forget.

Anki is an effective and powerful repetition flashcard program which is a Japanese word means memorization. It makes remembering things easy and thus it decrease your time spent on studying or learning. It’s oldest mention was find on 5 October 2006. Anki’s scheduling algorithm is based on an older version of the SuperMemo algorithm (SM2).

The program includes various synchronization and backup features that removes the problem of memorization in order to accumulate  knowledge. It includes the possibility to make your own and customize their settings.

Anki is for users who want to remember things in their daily life and it supports synchronization with a free online server called AnkiWeb. It also supports images, audio, videos and scientific markup. The idea of bring the cards to life and stored them onto your desktop will makes memorization cards for assimilating information in a more easy manner with the help of this reliable and simple to use application.

Anki helps in focus on learning the content you want to get and includes built-in card browser which will make it very easy to locate, view and edit any data of study studied or added recently.

For example:

  • Free Synchronization
  • Flexibility
  • Built-in card browser
  • Media-Rich
  • Optimized
  • Fully Extensible
  • Open Source



Use the free AnkiWeb synchronization service to keep your cards in sync across multiple devices.


From card layout to review timing, Anki has a wealth of options for you to customize.


Embed audio clips, images, videos and scientific markup on your cards, with precise control over how it’s shown.



Anki will handle decks of 100,000+ cards with no problems.

Fully Extensible

There are a large number of add-ons available.

Open Source

Because the code and storage format is open, your important data is safe.

Anki Download


Windows XP users, please use the alternate version below.


  1. Save the installer to your desktop or downloads folder.
  2. Double-click on the installer to run it. Anki will be installed to your computer.
  3. Double-click on the new Anki icon on your desktop to start Anki.
  4. If you receive the error “The application has failed to start because the configuration is incorrect”, please install this Microsoft library.


Upgrading is as simple as installing the new version over the old version, and your data will be preserved. Simply close Anki if it’s currently running, then follow the steps in the Installation section above.

Alternate Version + Windows XP Support

The toolkit Anki uses has a bug that causes big slowdowns with Thai text. If you’re experiencing this or other issues, please try the alternate version instead.


Internet Explorer 9+, Windows 8+, and Norton Antivirus users: these products may display scary warning messages when new Anki versions are released, because they have not seen people previously downloading the new version. This “helpful” behaviour can be worked around:

Anki is not available on Windows RT, as the libraries Anki was built with do not support that platform. That means that the Surface 1 and Surface 2 will not be able to install Anki, but any other surface including the Surface 3 and all Surface Pro models will run Anki natively. If you can’t install Anki, you will still be able to use AnkiWeb.

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